Who is La Milf?


Born of friendship and love…of beer.

On a warm summer night in Liège, Belgium, a small group of friends got together for a fun backyard party, around the grill, a beer in hand. 
There were many beers present. Most of them were your usual lagers, bubbly but banal, others were beautiful but heavy Belgian abbey and trappist beers. 

The friends, who would later be known as ¨Guardians of the Milf¨ started to think about a new style of beer. Something that would have the beautiful complexity of a traditional Belgian trappist style beer, yet would have the ease of drink and refreshing properties of a regular Lager.

The challenge was issued, spirits were high and the friends embarked on this new adventure: create their perfect beer, full of taste and easy to drink. 

The new beer had to be brewed in the province of Liège, in a pure and traditional Belgian style. Its ingredients had to be 100% natural, with no added sugar, chemicals or coloring agents.

They played with ideas, recipes, ingredients and found their perfect beer : La Milf. With notes of spice and citrus, a touch of bitterness but not too much, a beautiful color and a generous white foam, the Guardians of the Milf held in their hands the exceptional beer they bring you today. 

AN Extraordinary ADVENTURE

What started as an exclusive beer never intended to be sold is now a product with exponential growth.

We never thought about selling La Milf. We just wanted to have our beer, for us and our friends. That´s how it started. But the more we shared it with people, the more they wanted to buy it. 
What were we to do? We doubled, then quadrupled then kept on multiplying our production. 

Bars, restaurants, hotels, specialty stores, then convenience stores and even supermarkets are now selling  La Milf.

With more than a hundred businesses selling it in Belgium, to a public who doesn´t take beer lightly, La Milf is now ready to enter the international market.

Our Core Values

Respect the product, respect the customer

  • Respect the traditional brewing methods
  • Respect the ingredients
  • Respect the quality, regardless of the money.