Your next favorite Belgian beer is coming to town...


La Milf is a unique craft beer, brewed and bottled in Liège, Belgium.


The name is a clever acronym that means, as you guessed already: ¨Made In Liege Forever¨*.



We cannot wait to introduce you to your next favorite Belgian beer.

Its unique flavors, with hints of citrus and spice, its rich creamy foam atop its orange colored dress, and the refreshing light bitterness of it all. We promise you´ll love it.
Crafted with passion, in the most traditional Belgian fashion, La Milf has no added sugar, no artificial ingredients nor additives.
With its relatively low alcohol content (5.5%ABV), it offers all the complexity and interesting taste of a real Belgian beer, with the drinkability of an everyday lager.
La Milf will always be the life of the party. Look for her next time you find yourself in a beer savvy establishment.


May you soon enjoy (responsibly) a cold and refreshing La Milf!

Your Milf Team USA.


*At least that´s what the legend says (and what we told our parents).


**(that means ¨cheers¨ in French, but you knew that. We were just mentioning it for that other guy who is not as worldly as you.)


Crafted with passion in Liège, Belgium, since 2015.